About Us

Who we are: XOCharting is part of the Corbita Services group based in the Netherlands. Corbita Services is registered in the Chamber of Commerce in the Hague under #69261458. Our team consists of professional traders and market researchers. For over 18 years we have traded our own accounts (proprietary trading) as well as servicing high value clients globally in technical analysis at ABNAMRO Private Banking, Amsterdam. Our chief analyst has passed the professional Chartered Market Technicians Level 3 exam and holds a BA (Hons) from the Department of War Studies, Kings College London.

What we do: XOCharting.com offers independent technical analysis reports for financial institutions, small business and corporate clients. Besides web publications, we offer On-Demand reports for high value private clients and money managers. Our content is also available as a ‘white label’ solution for your in-house research desk. Please contact us via Skype or info@xocharting.com for more information and pricing.

Approach: Our key focus is on the intermarket spectrum: Forex, bonds and commodities. These markets are traded actively by ourselves; you can expect virtually all trade ideas published to be made by ourselves as well. We also publish some reports on ETF’s and Equities. For stocks we use a top-down approach in our analysis. This means that the broader intermarket outlook and sector ratings are a leading factor in stock analysis. If a particular sector is negative, we will not publish a buy-rating (i.e. positive analysis) on a stock within that sector (with very, very rare exceptions). 

On-Demand Reports: On-demand/custom made reports are included in our packages for members as well as a ‘separate’ product. Reports can be written in English or Dutch. These reports have our highest priority and are sent out within max 24 hours. In practice this time frame is about 3-4 hours (depending on time-zone).

Contact Address. We live and work in the lovely town of Sassenheim, the Netherlands. If you ever come over to visit the Keukenhof (5km away) we’ll be happy to buy you a beer!